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Camkarl Distemper is a Good quality, economical wall paint for interior use. Based on acrylic emulsion, suitable modified to impart smooth alkali resistant, washable and durable matt finish. It is stain resistant and washable with mild soap solution.

Appearance: semi liquid

Color: Choose from a wide range of Shades from our shade card.

Coverage: 80-100 sq. ft./Kg/ Coat (as primed and putted smooth surface by Brush)

Surface Dry: Within 15minutes

Interval between Coats: 3Hours minimum

Cement rendered surfaces, plastered surfaces, Brick works, Concrete Surfaces. Also suitable for hard and soft boards


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Cement rendered surfaces
Plastered surfaces
Brick works
Concrete Surfaces
Also suitable for hard and soft boards


Surface should be dry and primed by Camkarl Cement Primer (Water Thinnable). Ensure before priming that no efflorescence (presence of sodium, calcium etc. salts) present. If present surface should be scrubbed thoroughly

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Method of Application:

After proper surface preparation and application of Camkarl Cement Primer two or more coats of distemper to be applied allowing an interval of 3 to 4 hours between subsequent coats by brush, spray or roller.

Mixing Method: By Weight Mix 2 parts water with 3 parts of Camkarl distemper and stir properly to make a solution

Thinning/Cleaning Recommended: Clean Tap/ Portable Water

PACKING: Available in 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg & 20 Kg Pack size.