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Exterior Wall Primer is an acrylic, water based protective primer suitable for use on wide range of exterior wall application as an undercoat to give better adhesion and premium rich top coat finish. This primer provides exceptional whiteness and superior opacity. It ensures a uniform appearance and longer life of spotless and fresh look of the entire paint system.


Since Exterior Wall Primer has good dealing properties and good resistance which protects walls from alkali, moistures and fungus. It is specifically recommended for outdoor use such as plastered walls, asbestos, concrete work, brick, and pre-painted surfaces as an undercoat.


Formulated for outdoor exterior projects.

Pre-wall covering primer to promote easy removal.

Excellent filling and fast drying.

Minimize the problems associated with surface texture and porosity differences.

Offers strong adhesion and excellent hide.

It consumes less amount of paint.

Do not require water curing.

Great finish for subsequent out-coats


The spreading capacity of this product will vary considerably according to the roughness and porosity of the surface. On smooth of average porosity 12-15 /Ltr. /coat.

Drying Time

HD: -3 –4 Hours
SD: – 30-35 minutes
Drying times may vary depending on temperature, humidity, air movements and film thickness.

No. of Coats: Apply double coats.

Thinning: Dilute paint in the ratio of 2:1

Finish: Matte

Recommended Tools: 1. Brush 2. Spray

Cleaning Up: Clean all equipment with water after use.

Surface Preparation

Clean the surface free of dust, dirt, rust, grease and other loose particles with abrasive paper.

Brush down previously painted surface completely and make the surface smooth.

Fill the surface cavities if there is any and level the surface.

Treat areas affected by fungus/microbial growth with a fungicidal solution. And make sure it is completely dry.

Application Instructions

For better result stir the contents well before use.

For the thinnable primer use water.

Use clean water to adjust its viscosity.

Use double coats, the last should be applied only after the first has dried hard.

Keep the container sealed when not in use


Container should be stored in cool place away from heat.

Stability of thinned Paint

Use within 24 hours

Flash Point


Shelf Life

3 years from the date of manufacture in original, unopened containers