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Camkarl Wall Putty is white cement with special type of polymer & water resistance additives-based powder putty. It provides a protective base for your expensive paints. Its superior water resisting properties prevent the paint from flaking even if the walls are damp. Camkarl Wall Putty levels the wall surface and provides a thin skim-coat, which acts as a protective base for expensive paint

Appearance : Dry fine white powder
Thinner : Clean tap water
Color : White
Curing Times : 18 Hours
Shelf life: : 6 months.


This is suitable for use on porous surface of concrete, stucco, masonry, common brick and rough plaster, both for interior & exterior areas.
This is not recommended to use over old plastered surface, like Oil Paint, Lime Wash, Distemper, Plastic Emulsion.


Clean surface thoroughly by removing, dust, dirt, grease, oil, salt, fungus, etc. Any organic coating or loose chalk should be completely removed by wire brushing, emery rubbing, scraping followed by water jetting/ scrubbing. This is extremely important for proper adhesion of wall putty over surface


Take one measured volume of Prime Care in a dry clean container. Add 35-40% clean water of measured volume and make a stiff paste. Continue the mixing for 10-15 minutes till a uniform paste is formed. Proper mixing will help ease of application. It is essential that wall is wet during application, which will help better adhesion, bonding, more coverage and better workability.
Apply the paste of prime care by use of putty knife or blade from downward to upward position. For better workability little water may be added before application. Give minimum 4 hours’ time interval between the two coats. The optimum thickness of Prime Care should be 1mm and the maximum thickness should not be exceeding 1.5mm.

PACKING: 1 kg, 5 kg ,20 kg & 40 Kgs Packs